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As part of the ongoing commitment to government transparency, Controller John Chiang has launched a new statewide database of salaries and compensation as reported by California cities, counties, and special districts for all job classifications. Just follow this link to the Local Government Compensation Reporting database and search tool.

Job Descriptions, Wage Scale and Organization Chart


Board Secretary / Executive Assistant

2310 – District Manager

2315 – Assistant District Manager

2325 – Administrative Services Manager

2415 – Accounting Technician

2410 – Administrative Assistant

2320 – District Engineer

Operations and Maintenance

2333 – Operations Manager / Chief Plant Operator

2330 – Wastewater Lead Operator

2420 – Maintenance Scheduler-Planner

2435 – Wastewater Operator Series Trainee-I-II

2370 – Utility Laborer

Laboratory and Environmental

2380 – District Biologist

2385 – Laboratory Analyst

Wage Scale

2305 – Salary Wage Schedule (Effective 10/11/2019)

2305 – Salary Wage Schedule (Effective 07/01/2019)

Organization Chart

Organizational Chart