Construction Completed through the week ending September 29, 2017

Following is a summary of main work items performed recently:

  • Completed keyways in ponds D and E.
  • Continued reconstruction of the levees in ponds E and D utilizing geogrid.
  • Continued moisture conditioning pond soils.
  • Continued dewatering local ponding water in pond E.
  • Removed unsuitable concrete fill from existing levees in pond D and placed as foundation for island.
  • Removed pipe culverts and weirs between ponds C and D and between ponds D and E.
  • Wallace-Kuhl (field geotechnical) took in-situ density tests and moisture contents for compacted levee keyways and levee reconstruction

Upcoming work:

  • Complete levee keyway in pond C.
  • Continue excavation and forming the deep water channels in ponds C, D and E.
  • Continue reconstruction of the levees in ponds C, D and E utilizing geogrid.
  • Cut/fill and grade pond bottoms to correct elevations.
  • Start removing and replacing water control structures.