Construction Updates for the Week of November 6, 2017

Progress continued for the habitat enhancement project throughout October and into November for Phase A. The following highlights the construction tasks completed last month:

  • Completed reconstruction of 95% of all the levees in ponds C, D and E, utilizing geogrid.
  • Placed the majority of finish soil over the reconstructed levees.
  • Continued excavation and forming the deep water channels in ponds C, D and E.
  • Constructed the island keyways in ponds C and D.
  • Began construction of the islands in ponds C and D, utilizing geogrid.
  • Installed the two new water control structures between ponds C/D, and ponds D/E.
  • Cut/fill and grade pond bottoms to correct elevations.
  • Wallace-Kuhl (field geotechnical) took in-situ density tests and moisture contents for compacted levee keyways and levee reconstruction.