MVSD Welcomes the California Conservation Corps – Vegetation Removal Begins in Moorhen Marsh!

As reported earlier, the Moorhen Marsh Western Pond Turtle Habitat Enhancement Project (Project) will break ground this summer. To remain compliant with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and to prevent loss of bird nests in Moorhen Marsh during construction, MVSD has contracted with the California Conservation Corps to remove vegetation in and around the construction site — Ponds D, C, and E — in Moorhen Marsh. These are the ponds to the west of Peyton Slough. By removing this vegetation early, birds will not nest in the construction site and will move their nesting activity to safer, non-construction areas in the wetland or Peyton Slough.

The crew from the California Conservation Corps will start work on January 25, 2017 in Pond E.  To learn more about the California Conservation Corps visit their website at: