Strategic Planning

The Mt. View Sanitary District (District) has used planning as a formula for success for over 85 years. The District has been exemplary in managing its core mission while enjoying excellent relationships with both rate‐payers and regulators. The District is widely recognized for its innovation, solid planning, environmental consciousness, and
prudent financial management. It is in this spirit of management excellence that the District created a proactive and deliberate strategic plan to guide it into the future.

A strategic planning effort seeks to serve as a framework for decision making in the moderate term (0 to 15 years). It provides a strategic basis for detailed planning. As a top level planning document, a strategic plan begins by dovetailing with current activities, details actions and activities to support objectives in the 1‐to‐15 year timeframe, and projects by establishing clear connections with a long‐term infrastructure plan. It seeks to create a clear, schedule‐loaded roadmap of actions and activities into the future in five‐year increments. A strategic plan should be visionary, conceptual, and directional in nature. It should identify and forecast areas where attention is now or will be needed, followed by realistic, attainable goals for future actions. A strategic plan also seeks to ensure that actions will be taken in the proper sequence and at the appropriate time to protect the District. These plans often take the form of actions to be conducted annually, or of planning efforts to be performed in the future to identify specific key need areas.

This plan, as a top‐level document, looks into the future and, given the mission of the District, identifies actions, activities, and planning efforts needed for continued success in operations and management. It works to build on strengths, address weaknesses, utilize opportunities, and avoid threats.

MVSD Strategic Plan — April 2021