The River Otter Ecology Project (ROEP) Produces First Report for MVSD

In September 2016, ROEP placed six camera traps in the wetlands. Surveys and camera checks are conducted weekly. The videos are reviewed, catalogued and studied to better understand the otter population using MVSD’s wetlands. The goals for the project include:

  • noninvasively gather information on river otter presence, abundance, and habitat use within Moorhen and McNabney Marshes,
  • document sex ratios as possible,
  • document pup emergence and survival
  • advise on mitigations for disturbance in otter habitat due to vegetation removal, dewatering, dredging and other work associated with upcoming maintenance and habitat enhancement projects in Moorhen Marsh and McNabney Marshes.

To learn more about what was accomplished and what we still need to learn, please see the attached report.

River Otter Study – First Report