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Otter Videos

Canada Goose Family Meet Otters

Even apex predators like river otters back off when protective Canada geese parents are on the job.

Otter and Red Fox

A healthy, adult otter doesn’t have many predators to worry about, including this red fox.

Pregnant Otter

This otter from February looks like she will give birth very soon. Female otters mate 2-3 weeks after giving birth.

Mating Otters

Otters more commonly mate in the water but can also do so on land.

Up close with four otters scent marking

Seven Otters Traveling through a Culvert

Eleven Otters Discover the First Camera Trap

Daylight Otter Marking Party

Grooming Otter

Otters groom often to keep their thick coats in good condition.

Otter Fun

Large groups of adult otters are usually males.

Otter Marking Party

Otters scent mark at latrine sites much as dogs scent mark on poles…to give and get information about others.

Otters and a Red Fox

River otters are not usually aggressive toward non-prey animals that don’t threaten them.

More Otters

9 Otters

Eight otters scent marking

Non-Otter Videos

Canada Goose Family in Moorhen Marsh

Soon after Canada Goose goslings hatch, they begin pecking at small objects, and spend most of their time sleeping and feeding.

Male Western Pond Turtle

This large adult western pond turtle is traveling to deeper water in the non-construction zone of Moorhen Marsh.

Sora at Fence

Like most species in the rail family, the sora is very secretive and hard to observe in the wild.

Mink at Fence

Mink are mustelids and are related to otters, weasels, and badgers.

Grey Fox at Fence

The grey fox is native to the Bay Area but is less common than the non-native red fox.

Grey Fox

The grey fox is smaller and more secretive than the more common red fox.

Beaver Feeding on Willow Tree

This video shows a beaver feeding on a willow tree. Most of a beaver’s diet is made up of tree bark and cambium

North American beaver inspects camera

North American Beaver

North American Beaver

Young Red Fox

A Raccoon

An Opossum

A Deer Caught On Camera

White Pelicans and Great Blue Heron

Raccoon family foraging in wetlands

Young Raccoon Kits

Swimming Raccoon

A skunk charging a camera

A doe