This page includes links to the many reports MVSD has generated in the normal course of business. You’ll find final documents on the annual Nesting Bird Reports, the McNabney Marsh Existing Conditions Assessment, the Moorhen Marsh Management Plan, UCSC’s final Algae Report on McNabney Marsh, and other documents. The District also conducts projects and studies on our wetlands and wildlife.

2017 McNabney Marsh Existing Conditions Report

2016 McNabney Marsh Management Plan

2017 Nesting Bird.Report

MVSD Publishes Management Recommendations in Scientific Journal – Western Wildlife

2017 River Otter Study – First Report

2016 Nesting Bird Report

Sewer System Management Plan

2014 Western Pond Turtle Moorhen Marsh publication

2014 McNabney Marsh Rail Survey Report

2014 Nesting Bird Report

2014 UCSC Final Algae Report

2014 UPRRBridgeProject Alt Analysis PDR

2015 McNabney Marsh Rail Survey Report

2015 Nesting Bird Report