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    • baby wipes No Wipes in Pipes! - MVSD would like to remind its customers that flushable wipes aren’t really flushable! This fun video from our friends at Central San is a great reminder that wipes DO NOT belong in pipes!  
    • MVSD logo Conflict of Interest Code Amendment - The Board of Directors of the Mt. View Sanitary District has declared its intention to amend its Conflict of Interest Code to add District positions of Board Secretary / Executive Assistant, Wastewater Lead Operator, and Wastewater Operations Manager / CPO and by deleting the District positions of Office Administrator / Board Secretary and Wastewater Operations […]
    • photo of a Western Pond Turtle MVSD Publishes Management Recommendations in Scientific Journal – Western Wildlife - In conjunction with data collected during the Western Pond Turtle Study, consulting biologist Jeff Alvarez and District Biologist Kelly Davidson, along with biologist Gary Kittleson and reptile veterinarian Louisa Asseo, co-authored an article on the potential of injury and mortality to western pond turtles during upland vegetation maintenance activities like mowing and disking. The article […]

Enterprise Systems Catalogue (SB 272 Compliance)

In October of 2015, the State of California enacted Senate Bill 272 requiring local agencies to make publicly available a list of enterprise systems used throughout each agency.  An enterprise system is defined as a software application that collects, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses or one that serves as an original data source.

The full text of SB 272 can be found here.

In accordance with Senate Bill 272, Mt. View Sanitary District has made available the following list of enterprise systems it utilizes: Here